Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Thanksgiving weekend (27th week - 11/25 - 12/02 )

Papa and Lily discover ice plants on our walk at the beach

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Lily can now eat without covering her whole face with food - and she sure loves to eat.

She slept pretty well, I expected more of the crying. And today was another day at with Jacqueline, the nanny we share with our neighbors. It is so nice to just walk over there to drop her off and pick her up. Jaqui is taking really good care of her, going out for walks, feeding and playing.

Today was her 6 months doctor appointment and she weighs now 15 pounds and 11 ounces (I expected a little more, but that is good enough), and is 26 inches long (means she will now have to move to the other carseat, after Christmas). And she got her vaccinations, and the flu shot. She only cried for a minute and was then her usual happy self, what a trooper she is.

Our 8 year anniversary, and we are going to Betelnut as usual. And our lovely friend Miriam is our baby sitter. This week we also had our first accident, she actually fell off our bed, on the hardwood floor and scared the hell out of us. Thank god she was alright, but we also know this is just the beginning of bumps and bruises. Poor little babies.

Lily slept again through the night, now the 3rd night in a row, yeah... I guess it has to do with her eating lots of food now, 3 times a day. She just loves eating: bananas, avocado, yam, apple, mango, pear, squash, and rice cereal. And I am trying to give her some prune juice, all that food makes her constipate :)
She now found a new sound, this high pitching cry that she starts when she doesn't like something. And she can now sit without any support, for some time. This allows her to actually sit and play by herself, pretty cool!

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Florida and Thanksgiving (26th week - 11/18 - 11/24 )

Lily's first Thanksgiving !!!

Again, she slept through the night, then for the morning snooze, for a nice morning nap and an afternoon nap: she is ready for her first Thanksgiving, and it was tons of fun (she did great) http://www.stuartandbutzi.com/2005_pix/11-24-05-Thanksgiving/start.htm

She slept 12 hours, from 7 - 7 Am. First time that she didn't need food in the middle of the night....

Today it was Lily's first day with Jacqueline, the nanny we will share with our neighbor's daughter Fae (5 weeks old), and she first cried 1 hour in the morning and then in the afternoon. poor little one.

Lily was up every hour crying, poor little munchkin and poor parents

the flight home was very mellow, but Lily decided she just couldn't sleep long, and wanted to be entertained by us and the flight attendants, ha! Gave us a little taste of what the flight to Germany might be, only that one will be twice as long

Today she is officially 6 months old - yeah!!! We all went for dinner to the super yummy Thai place, where little Lily was entertained by Nathalie.

Mona, Stuart, and Kathy are working on the pictures of Jean, to get them ready for the service at 4 PM. The service was very beautiful and Lily got her first blessing :) Bunch of people came over to dad's house afterwards, and we all hung with the family until 10:30 (Lily passed out at 8:30). Then we had some big storm that kept us awake, yet the little one slept through it all :)

today we ran lot of errand, to get everything ready for the family to come by for dinner: Joanne, Pam and her 2 daughters, Bill , Wanda, Clay and Bailey, Kathy and Janet, and Dad and Mona and us. Stuart and his sister Mona cooked Salmon Noodle Casserole and brownies. Lily did ok, considering there were lots of people and everyone was holding her. Then it was time to go to bed (at 10!) and then she just cried for 40 minutes. too many people for such a little munchkin.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

raccoon and Florida (25th week 11/11 - 17 )

Mona arrived and finally got to meet her niece Lily. For dinner we had yummy king crab legs (delicious, thanks dad!)

Off to Florida:We actually took the train to Bart to SFO to Cincinnati to Florida to the rental car and then to Dad's house - total travel time: 12 hours!! Even with that long travel day and the time change Lily did farely well, and actually slept at night (in the travel pen)

We had brunch with Steve, Jen and Macy (from Tahoe). Macy is such a cute little girl, and she is very good with her sign language (esp. for "more").Lily's sleep is getting soooo much better, I only had to get up once at night to feed her (around 1 AM), and sometimes she wakes up crying and I have to go in to give her the Schnuller, but things are so much better :)

The raccoon decided to coma back (again at 2:30 AM), but this time I caught him sniffing through the cat door, and ran after him with a broom - hopefully that will scare him away :)
Today we had 2 interviews with potential nannies for Fae and Lily (We all really liked Jaqueline from Peru).

This is our neighbor Tina and her daughter Fae

Lily had slept like a rock, yet at 3 AM I heard one of the cats chowing on the food. But then I saw that both of our cats were sleeping on our bed, so I thought it was the neighbor's cat. when the "cat" wouldn't go away it hissed at me, and I took the curtain to scare it away. When I looked outside I saw it was a big fat raccoon that decided to squeeze through the tiny cat door to get the catfood that is inside our bedroom.

Stuart protecting our home from the raccoon
(with Ant spray and a shovel)

Lily and I took the day off (Claudia decided to observe Veteransday, so we had no daycare for the day). It was a nice relaxing day, with lots of naps, and a long walk with 2 other mommies (the "potrero boothill walk")

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Fall in the city (24th week - 11/4 - 11/10)

Lily had her first oopsla: she pulled on some leaves of a plant and the whole pot went to the ground and shattered - oh-oh!

We went for a walk to the Jackson playground to see T, Rob and Sara (for T's company's softball game). It was an amazing day in the park and we got to eat some of Rob's famous pulled pork - and Lily got to go in the swing for the first time :)

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I actually passed out from 4 - 5 (Stuart had to pick up the little one) - muede Mami