Thursday, August 25, 2005

14th week - 8/19 - 8/25 (Lily's goes to the hospital)

girsl night at T's...

She looked so much better after the IV, but she had a hard night. She wasn't allowed any water, just fluids from the IV, so she was crying all night because she was so thirsty. I dipped the pacifier in water to help her at least a little. Finally around 10 AM I was allowed to nurse her and we get to leave the hospital around 5 PM. And I get to go for some yummy dinner at T's with Kari and Kristina, which was super fun

more vomiting early morning, went to the doctor and to the hospital to put her on an IV and get the fluids back. I will stay with her for the night

night was ok, but then she puked more in the morning, back to the doctor, we started with breastmilk again, which she kept down for 2 hours, but then she had to puke again

Gave her little breastmilk with the pedialyte, and she could keep it down for most of the day, but then she threw up again in the morning. Pediatrician recommended Soy formular instead

bought pedialyte to give her some fluids, and we got an dr appointment even though it is Sunday, but this was now her 3rd day of puking and she needs to get hydrated. But at the doctor's she actually drank some breastmilk, but only could keep it down for 3 hours, then she threw up again. Gave her more pedialyte to help her stay hydrated. She's was so weak all day, she pretty much just slept and couldn't do anything else. But when Stuart fed her the fluids she actually held the bottle all by herself, very cute.

8/20 - Lily is now 3 months!!!
We went to Jenny's for a BBQ (Lily had to throw up again at night:( - I called the night nurse about 3 times to figure out what to do. Poor baby just couldn't keep anything down and I had to keep changing her outfits.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

13th week - 8/12 - 8/18 (first cold)

Lily getting her steam bath to clear the nose :)

We went to another Axis Cafe mommy group, which is always soooo much fun, I will miss those afternoons. Lily got sick in the evening and had to throw up (big big vomit!)

Last few days have been slightly better, but she still has the cold. Went to work half day in th office, and Lily was super cute in the afternoon.

Still very stuffy nose, but we went to Rich and Nicole's house warming party, which was very nice and mellow, and we got to hang with some folks we haven't seen in a while (Dede, Elie, etc). Called the Kaiser nurse at night, because she had such a hard time breathing and couldn't nurse either. At this point we just have to give her the Saline solution and suck the stuff out of her nose (which she doesn't like at all, and I don't blame her - sounds like you are sucking their brains out)

pink eye seemed to be gone, but now she has her first big cold: stuffed nose, runny eyes, cough. Tried the steam bath over the stove :)
we went and checked out the "children's village" day care on 10th and Folsom. Very cool place, we put our name on the 9 month waiting list.
Today was the first day she grabbed one of her toys. we went to dinner to Puero Allegro with her, which she liked until the trumpet player payed right next to her and woke her up.

Friday, August 05, 2005

12th week - 8/05 - 8/11 (Summer in SF)

pass out queen

She slept the last 2 nights in her bassinet only, yeah!!! But she still is very gassy and has very green poop, yikes.
Went to the German consulate to get her passport, and checked out Claudia Vittorio's daycare (fun, chaos, messy, sweet). Miriam was watching Lily from 7 - 10
Lily had pink eye, with lots of stuff in her eye - we had to go to the Dr (she actually slept through the whole appointment)
Big day: Helena's birthday (2 years - wow) party in the park, where Lily passed out on my arm. Then we went to Zoe's birthday party in the evening, but a major melt down in the carseat. But she slept almost all night long in the bassinet, only had to bring her in our bed in the morning. I actually managed to feed her at night without waking her up, hehe.
Went for a walk to the baseball field, Lily slept a little. But we had a major melt down in the evening, too bad :(
Lily had a super gassy night, I will try Soy milk for a week, let's see if that actually will help.
Today was the first time she paused during drinking to look at me, very cute :)