Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Flight to Croatia

The flight to Croatia was not as bad as we thought. We actually got Lily to sleep in her tiny little bassinet from the airline, she slept all of 7 hours, which was more than we expected. Of course our flight from Zagreb to Split was delayed due to some bad stormy weather, so we finally arrived in our cute little room in the middle of Trogir after 22 hours of travel time. Nonetheless we all went out for some delicious pasta and went to sleep around 10 PM. Lily woke up crying around 2 AM and kept on crying for 2 hours, until we all passed out at 4 and slept until 10 AM. She only did this for another night, and then we all kind of adjusted to the time difference. So much easier on this trip compared to the last trip to Europe when she was 7 months and it took all of us 9 days to adjust.
Trogir was a lovely little place north of Split, where we stayed for 2 nights and then moved on via ferry to the island and town of Hvar. Hvar was another amazing little town, where we stayed in a cute little apartment, behind the town church, with views of the hills and part of the town. Lots of beautiful sunset, and tons and tons of ice cream. After 2 days in Hvar we took another ferry to the island and town of Korcula, where we stayed for 3 nights in a beautiful apartment, little up from the old part of town. The owner had 4 kids, the youngest was 8 and had toys to share with Lily.
From Korcula we took another ferry to Dubrovnik, where we stayed in a place above town, 330 stairs up the hill. Stairs that we carried our queen Lily in her stroller, so we didn't have to carry her around town all day. Dubrovnik was an amazing city, the old town was just magical, and surreal.
From Dubrovnik we took a 3.5 hours (thank god for Benadryl) bus ride to Brella, a little beach town, that we used as a stop over, so we all could rest for a night before getting on the bus again. Brella was very Mediterranean, with great beaches, and great food. Lily of course made many friends again, just like she did in every place we stayed.
The last stretch was a bus ride to Split, cab to the airport, flight to Frankfurt and then to Munich - Lily sure is an experienced traveler at this point :)