Thursday, November 17, 2005

raccoon and Florida (25th week 11/11 - 17 )

Mona arrived and finally got to meet her niece Lily. For dinner we had yummy king crab legs (delicious, thanks dad!)

Off to Florida:We actually took the train to Bart to SFO to Cincinnati to Florida to the rental car and then to Dad's house - total travel time: 12 hours!! Even with that long travel day and the time change Lily did farely well, and actually slept at night (in the travel pen)

We had brunch with Steve, Jen and Macy (from Tahoe). Macy is such a cute little girl, and she is very good with her sign language (esp. for "more").Lily's sleep is getting soooo much better, I only had to get up once at night to feed her (around 1 AM), and sometimes she wakes up crying and I have to go in to give her the Schnuller, but things are so much better :)

The raccoon decided to coma back (again at 2:30 AM), but this time I caught him sniffing through the cat door, and ran after him with a broom - hopefully that will scare him away :)
Today we had 2 interviews with potential nannies for Fae and Lily (We all really liked Jaqueline from Peru).

This is our neighbor Tina and her daughter Fae

Lily had slept like a rock, yet at 3 AM I heard one of the cats chowing on the food. But then I saw that both of our cats were sleeping on our bed, so I thought it was the neighbor's cat. when the "cat" wouldn't go away it hissed at me, and I took the curtain to scare it away. When I looked outside I saw it was a big fat raccoon that decided to squeeze through the tiny cat door to get the catfood that is inside our bedroom.

Stuart protecting our home from the raccoon
(with Ant spray and a shovel)

Lily and I took the day off (Claudia decided to observe Veteransday, so we had no daycare for the day). It was a nice relaxing day, with lots of naps, and a long walk with 2 other mommies (the "potrero boothill walk")


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