Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Thanksgiving weekend (27th week - 11/25 - 12/02 )

Papa and Lily discover ice plants on our walk at the beach

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Lily can now eat without covering her whole face with food - and she sure loves to eat.

She slept pretty well, I expected more of the crying. And today was another day at with Jacqueline, the nanny we share with our neighbors. It is so nice to just walk over there to drop her off and pick her up. Jaqui is taking really good care of her, going out for walks, feeding and playing.

Today was her 6 months doctor appointment and she weighs now 15 pounds and 11 ounces (I expected a little more, but that is good enough), and is 26 inches long (means she will now have to move to the other carseat, after Christmas). And she got her vaccinations, and the flu shot. She only cried for a minute and was then her usual happy self, what a trooper she is.

Our 8 year anniversary, and we are going to Betelnut as usual. And our lovely friend Miriam is our baby sitter. This week we also had our first accident, she actually fell off our bed, on the hardwood floor and scared the hell out of us. Thank god she was alright, but we also know this is just the beginning of bumps and bruises. Poor little babies.

Lily slept again through the night, now the 3rd night in a row, yeah... I guess it has to do with her eating lots of food now, 3 times a day. She just loves eating: bananas, avocado, yam, apple, mango, pear, squash, and rice cereal. And I am trying to give her some prune juice, all that food makes her constipate :)
She now found a new sound, this high pitching cry that she starts when she doesn't like something. And she can now sit without any support, for some time. This allows her to actually sit and play by herself, pretty cool!


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