Thursday, September 01, 2005

Lily in the hospital (15th week 8/26 - 9/02)

She slept until 3:30 (7 hours!), then until 7 AM. She is so weak with lots of diarrhea. Called back to the hosptial, on the IV with feeding of breastmilk. Poor little Lily :( So much poking - 5 times to get the IV in

She looks a little better, and started to grab Stuart's nose and lips, first time she is really reaching out to grab

still in the hospital. She is still weak but in good spirits. Still on the IV but loosing weight (now 4.8 kg) She started to laugh, real loud laugh - very cute!

at 10 AM they took the IV off to see how she does, but end of the day she was very weak and still at 4.8 kg, so the IV went back on. Cece came to visit, from 8 - 11 AM, very nice. Lily is doing a lot of "talking" and cute sounds.

For more picture go here

they are still putting some "super fluid" into her, and now she looks so much better, and her poop seems more solid (now at 5.0 kg)

at 5 AM the weight was 5.1 so she went off the IV again :)
Dave and Rachel came with yummy El Fero -food, yum!!!

Lily kept her weight at 5.18 kg, so we finally get to go home. And today she was holding her bottle all by herself for the first time :)
First thing we did was takinig a long nice warm bath together to get that hospital smell off both of us.