Friday, July 29, 2005

11th week - 7/29 - 8/04 (Summer in the city)

Lily in her cute Kari outfit in Northbeach

Mommy had a super lazy day, which was very nice because I was soooo tired today
We went to Costco to get her passport pictures taken. It was very funny, because she would look everywhere just not towards the camera. But the picture came out very cute. She had another bath which she just loved
She was still very sleepy, poor little munchkin
Today she got her first shots (oh, the tears). Thank god she experienced no side effects, other than being really sleepy
She actually slept half of the night in the bassinet, wow. We went to Lily's first music outing, the
North Beach Jazzfest with Rebirth.
Busy day with T in the afternoon, went for dinner at Kari's where Lily had a major melt-down, but tonight was the first night we put her down in the bassinet (T's dads old bassinet) in our room. Yeah!!
Called into work to get the scope. I will try to work part-time in august and bring her maybe in for a few hours. So far it looked like there will be lots of work - we'll see :)

Friday, July 22, 2005

10th week - 7/22 - 7/28 (Ft Lauderdale and back)

the water taxi

Lily got hold of her own hair and pulled it, which made her very angry, pretty funny! She started this thing with her arms, where they are rotating in the air, like she is trying to take off and get somewhere.
We took her on her first boat trip: we took the water taxi, which was lots of fun.
Went to dad's where she was awaken by Joanne (Jean's sister) from her very well deserved nap, which made her super cranky pants and we had a major melt down on the way home :(
nice long morning nap
Lily rolled the first time onto her stomach from her back, very fun. All while daddy was doing his daily morning routine of tummy exercise time
Relaxing morning, then we went to Raw Seafood Bar (yum!) and had a little meltdown on our way do dad's, where Lily took a 3 hour nap, yeah! We four went to dinner to Gianni's (yummy Italian restaurant), where Lily first was super cute and then had a super melt down :( This was the first time I actually got embarrassed by her crying, but everyone was very nice about it.

Friday, July 15, 2005

9th week - 7/15 - 7/21 (Ft Lauderdale)

welcome to Ft Lauderdale!

Hung out at the pool, seems to be the only thing you can do in this heat :)
We hooked up with Fiona and Craig and their super cute daughter Nathalie. We all went to the best Thaifood we ever had!
We decided to go to the beach - ha! We lasted for about 10 minutes, Lily hated it, way to hot, even the ocean was too warm to really hang. So we went to the pool instead, which was great. Met with Jean and Dad and all went to Japanes-Chinese buffet. Lily cried all the way to the restaurant, but then slept through the whole lunch (phew!) And then she cried all the way from the lunch back to the condo. At the condo she took a 3 1/2 hour nap, so she was in a great mood for dinner at Dad's and Jean's (Salmon noodel casserole, yum!!!)
Dad picked us up and we went to their house and rented a car. We went over to Yves and Janet's who have a condo right at the beach with a great little pool.
After looon flight (Lily was a "little" cranky before the take-off) we got to Ft. Lauderdale aroun 11 PM, and Dad and Jean picked us up from the airport. They dropped us of at the condo (The white Egret), a 2 bedroom condo one block away from the beach, with view of the ocean.

Friday, July 08, 2005

8th week 7/8 - 7/14 (to North Carolina)

Lily hosts her first BBQ (15 friends with 4 babies) at our house before we are heading to visit the Rappaports in North Carolina. We left SFO at 1 PM and got to Raleigh at 11 PM. Skyler is such a cutie, and their house is enormous - nice!!!
Lily slept like a rock for 5 hours, and the next day we went to the swimming pool where she went in the pool for the first time, and loved it - until Stuart put water on her belly, which she didn't like.
We went to "Lilly's" pizza place in Raleigh. She seems more fussy than before, and also got more red pimples. Not sure if it could be dairy?

Next day we went on a road trip to the coast to Topsail Island.
Lily found her hand for the first time, yeah!!!

Friday, July 01, 2005

Seventh Week 7/1 - 7/7 (San Diego)

We watched amazing fire works with the Gibson's (and Lily slept through all of them). On our way back from SD we stopped in SLO, and checked out the town. We ate dinner at this very nice Italian restaurant (with the little munchkin of course). And she only cried for a little while during dinner - thank god it was so noisy in there :)
Lily now sleeps actually 3 - 4 hours in one stretch (starting at 10 PM). This week was the first time I put her down in bed without nursing her down. She also had a stuffed nose and we had to use the little nose sucker, which sounds like you are sucking her brains out :)