Monday, January 02, 2006

back to work (32nd week - 12/30 - 01/05 )

Papa and his new eyes got back from Florida last night - and Lily is stil waking up lots, and ended up in bed with us. We will have to start letting her cry at night, but the problem is she started to roll over on her tummy, and then she gets all freaked out and wakes up even more.

Back to work and Lily had her first day with Jacky -and cried almost all day long. But she will get used to it, just like I will get used to my daily schedule :)

Got up at 4:30 - 6, then slept until 8:30. Tried to deal with organizing, but it is pretty hard when you are alone with a little baby. WE went then to New Years Day brunch at Kari, which was super yummy and fun to see everyone and the babies: Sara (who wore the matching leopard print to Lily's outfit), Quincy, and Zoe.
And my luggage got delivered at 12:30 AM!

New Years Eve: Lily and I went back home, it took us 13 hours and lots of patience to get back. She was great on the first flight to Denver, played with the flight attendant, and had fun. Second flight from Denver to SFO she was just too tired to deal, and got really cranky. And then they lost one piece of luggage and we had to deal with the baggage claim at the airport and then with a huge line of people waiting for a cab - and I was sure traveling on NYE will be a piece of cake, ha!! We got home at 10 PM, and went pretty much straight to bed. Poor little Lily!

It was the perfect Florida day, and we all went to the pool. The water was super nice and warm and Lily actually got to play in it for a long time, she loved it!


Blogger Yoel and Tina said...

Well, looks like Jackeline, Lily and Fae all had a great time this week (except for Jackeline's back issue.) Can't wait for next week :) I'm looking forward to the day when the two little girls will be playing together!

We noticed that Lily did not cry when her Daddy dropped her off with Jackeline on Friday morning! That is a huge milestone .. or not? Maybe Lily only wants Mommy all day long? :)


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Blogger Yoel and Tina said...

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