Monday, December 26, 2005

Xmas in Ft Lauderdale (31st week - 12/23 - 12/29)

food: peas, carrots, zucchinis (3 meals a day + juice/water + bottle = big eater!)
milestones: from sitting she leans forward to fall on her arms (and then the belly). Plus she likes to clap hands and things together

Stuart went with dad and got his lasik today - he said he already can tell the difference, very cool!
Lily slept great, only woke up once at 4 AM. Just like the say, one day per time zone. We actually hired a babysitter to watch Lily and Anthony while we all went and had dinner at Gianni's (yummy!). Poor Lily was crying for a long time and when we got back, I actually found her passed out on her belly and I had to flip her around.


Lily discovered a new thing: things make noise when you clap them together, very cute!! And things that make sound when you shake them are especially fun. We went to cap's place, Lily almost behaved well, other than some crankiness due to late dinner (7:15 - 9 PM)

Wow, she slept all through the night until 6:30, very very nice!!!
We went to the beach with Mona and Anthony and dad and spend most of the day playing in the sand and went actually in the cold water - it did feel more like San Francisco than Florida, just without the fog :)

12/25 - Christmas day!!!
WE paid the price for the busy late night, and poor little one woke up every hour starting at 3:30 AM (oh well). Everyone came over to open some presents and eat huge amounts for the most delicious fish spread (lox, white fish, herring, bagels and cream cheese), and Lily got tons of gifts from everyone, she is indeed our little spoiled princess:)
We took a loooong nap in the afternoon, and ate rips for dinner (I might burst any day now)

another night of early morning wakening, but still manageable (nothing compared to the ordeal in Germany). We all went to spend the day at the beach and the pool at Yves and Janet's place. Still a little too cold to go in the water, it was very windy, yet nice to play in the sand and hang in the hammock underneath the palm trees. We all went to Joanne's place to have a big family dinner (which was super yummy). Poor little had to struggle a little with the late dinner, but she just slept in her car seat for most of it.

Lily slept until 4 Am, then we had to play with her until 6, and then we all slept until 10 Am - gotta love the jetlag :) It was a rather chilly day, at least for Florida (in the 60s) but we enjoyed the day and hung out with Jeff, Mona, Anthony and Dad. We all ate super yummy crab (king crab, dungenous crab and lobster), very sweet.


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