Friday, December 09, 2005

Germany (29th week - 12/09 - 12/15 )

we went to my dad's house to hang with him, Kerstin and their little kids: Tom (3) and newest addition Robin, who is 8 months old. He is enourmos!! It was great to spend some quality time with them alone, and get a chance to chat and play with their kids, and for them to play with Lily

ok, she almost slept fine, other than the crying from 1 - 3 AM, when she probably thought it was time for her to get up and eat dinner or lunch or play, poor little one. But then she slept until 10 AM. Went shopping with Heidi for a little bit (it is so cold outside, we are spoiled with the California weather, that's for sure!), and Wolfi, Melli and the twins stopped by in the afternoon. God, these 2 are such big boys, and so cute with their little "dreadlocks" (or just messy hair), lots of energy. Stuart tried to lay down and Wolfi send them to attack him, which they did by jumping from the coffee table right on his belly - it was very funny and the 2 boys had a blast.
Heidi made yummy Raclette for us, and I finally found my sense of smell and boy, that cheese was smelly, yum :)


ok, the flight was not as bad as I feared. Lily got her own little bassinet, where she slept for 7 hours, pretty nice (we on the other hand didn't really sleep at all)
We arrived in Munch at 5:30, and Heidi and Patrick picked us up at the airport (thanks, Heidi!). We were soooo tired and poor Lily was a little confused about the lack of day light for her (she pretty had to go back to sleep without seeing light, hehe). But she went down around 10 PM, in her own little crib next to our bed in the guest room downstairs. Sweet.

Wow, that was a busy day. It took us pretty much 9 hours to get ready, with packing for 3 people and 2 different climate zones, while entertaining the baby and getting the house in order. But we made it and Dave was kind enough to drive us to the airport. Our flight left on time at 9:20 PM

ahh, gettin gready for the big trip tomorrow - fun!!!!
And Mami has now Lily's cold, bummer :( But Lily was all day a super trooper, very nice and mellow, but we decided not to go to Nicci's Kris Kringle Christmas, because I wasn't feeling well, and didn't want to get everyone else sick. We are so excited to see our families.

Today was mommies last day at work for this year (I am sooo glad I can go on vacation and leave the craziness for a few weeks), and Lily's last day at day care. Thanks to Claudia and her mom, we will miss her and all the kids, it sure was a lot of fun and I think they will miss Lily, too.


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