Pre- High Sierra warm up gig

Good show from this space-ambient-dance duo

Another good time- especially when we got in for free!

Classic late night jams with one of the master's
see High Sierra Gallery

Sector 9..hypnotic as always

Our first time seeing Trey- great show with tons of horns

Great seeing David up close

Not really a concert, but a great wedding

She's so unique and powerful

Free pass to this fun party compliments of Karin Conn- co-producer

102 for Jane's = EPIC

Very lucky to hear the inside scoop on these warm-up shows

More of a party than a show, but the scene was fun...for a bit
Wow- our last show for the year was in August..times have changed

For my 40th b-day we took a free trip to Vegas, compliments
of a Blue Man group national contest that I won

Back to the last. The Dead were banned from playing here in 1989,
and this reunion of sorts had alot of that magic

I balked at paying $50 to see these guys...and I should have trusted my intuition

First time seeing them in such a small venue- worth it,
but they didn't seem to have the energy (& synergy) of past shows

Love this band..and with Zakir even better

Loved their album, but like many studio-based bands,
they were a disappointment live

Not quite as riveting as last year's "Dralion":
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