Trey and the huge horn section made for a super fun time

Butzi's first and my second time seeing this master performer.
My first $100 face value concert ticket

Not sure why we went again, but I think we had fun.
Lower loge is always a treat (thanks Karin!)

Such good Jazz Fest memories of these talented guys

Karin gets us in free once again
(roll-over for laminate)

2 1/2 years since seeing them after our trip to the 12th dimension
Fun, but been there done that too many times.
Wow- only 5 real shows in 2003- times have sure changed
2004 Ticket Stubs

The long anticipated reunion did not disappoint

She's such an intense petite bundle of raw female power and sensuality

Brian S was doing the lights at this change-of-pace show
Wow- only 2 real shows in 2004!
2005 Ticket Stubs
None so far....but we have tickets for 2 big shows later this year.