1995 Ticket Stubs

The first time seeing this legendary funk band

Original Meters guitarist Leo and drummer Zig

Once again

Loved this show- in support of their 2nd album (which I also loved)

Adam Ant, Bush, Catherine Wheel, Better Than Ezra, Phunk Junkees, Chris Isaac, Monster Magnet, Wax, General Public, Ned's Atomic Dustbin, Parade Of Loosers, Sublime, No Use For A Name, Elastica

Moby on a cross naked..stage diving into the crowd..'nuff said

Fun, light entertainment

"Smoke 2 joints in the morning...smoke 2 joints at night"

Echo & the Bunnymen singer Ian McCulloch's band

The Joker sings the Blues..something different

Not impressed

Fun stuff from this legendary band

Afro-electro chick tribal..different for sure

My favorite ticket stub ever...and I feel very fortunate to see
one of my favorite bands in a small (3000) venue- the Kezar-
where they haven;t had a show in ages- a tough ticket to get.

I think the first outing for Bob Weir's band..pretty lame if I recall
The Neville's blew him away and should have headlined

Ah...another show at the Maritime Hall-
Dos Hermanos was with former Dead keyboardist Tom Constantin,
Kingfish used to be Bob Weir's band, and Merl never disappoints

King of the surf guitar- my first & only time seeing this legend

a bit of nostalgia in the post-Garcia era

Brit Band o' the moment- not worth it

First time seeing them and t was a great show

With Brenda from Atlants..HOT!

Blues legend who never got the notoriety he was due

Trance tribal with master Didgeredoo player Stephen Kent

The Master at a PHENOMENAL pre-New Year's show

Next Year's Stubs