One more time without backstage passes - and not worth it

My first & last time seeing this legendary band

Ex-Pixies bassist Kim Deal's alternative band

A siren of dark haunting songs- unique & mesmerizing

and now for something completely different

My first and only time (unfortunately) seeing one of my all-time faves

The reopening of the Fillmore after earthquake retrofitting.
Definitely THE hardest ticket to get -
I was first in line and the only one to get tickets -instant sell-out

Surprise show for $1.05- and a dance fest indeed- super fun!

one more time

This girl I was dating briefly convinced me to go see them...
and I was unimpressed. The Dead was FAR superior

To the Central Valley heat we go for Mickey Hart and others

How many times can one see a legend?? Never enough

Smashing Pumpkins head-lined- which was the reason I went

With Eve..her choice...whatever

Start Me Up for $50- sure why not

Not even a one-hit-wonder- not sure why I ever saw them

My first and only time in a skybox - courtesy of Maria's law firm- sweet!

Liked this band's album with Mazzy Star co-starring

it was LOUD- and we got to see up Courtney Love's skirt (nasty!) from the pit

Great come-back album from Roxie Music singer

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