1992 Ticket Stubs

"I might like you better if we slept together -
never saw them "in the day", so might as well on the reunion tour

A flash-in-the-pan Industrial rock band (Michelle!)

With my freind Dave we got backstage passes for this super fun party

Local band at local hole-in-the-wall

Always a romp- Tromp Le Monde tour

At the height of the Seinfeld craze, we went to see his stand-up routine,
but most of the jokes we had already heard on the show- disappointing

Fun reggae in the sun

Great show- he covered Led Zeppelin's "Rock & Roll" for an encore

A show that for some reason I have no recollection of

Very spiritual show with Carlos

All the way to San Joser for him...or as a favor to Michelle

Walking in London tour- great show

One-hit-wonder, but great bass lines and fun (except for the LSD masquerading as E)
ah...those party days...

What can I say- these guys are phenomenal in concert
1993 Ticket Stubs

Great to see these amazing musicians in this venue

Won't miss a show by her ever

Great show- right up front

One more time to this awards show, but no backstage (lame!)

Glad I got to see them at least once

Live 105 show for $5.01- One-hit-wonder (Dizz-Knee-Land),
but great show and album

Possibly my favorite musical of all time (my 4th time seeing it live)

Lot'o'fun at this multi-band fest

Pixies front man in support of his truly great first solo effort

Amazing performer on the Secret World tour- I think my first time seeing him live

British Bands-of-the moment fun

Love these guys live- great album (Earth & Sun & Moon)

A trip to the 12th dimension indeed- wow!

Powerful anthemic show - Billy Corgan rocks!

Melodic guitar noise band o' the moment

Always a treat to see this all-acoustic show with Smashing Pumpkins

Something different- powerful full body slam Japanese drumming

A tough ticket to get & a fun scene and party

We were so into Live 105's music in thsi era

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