1986 Ticket Stubs

The first tour after UB-40 split up and reformed as General Public

No, I was never a fan of Kenny, but got to see many
shows for free during my brief stint working as a
music researcher at KGB-FM radio in San Diego

One of the most amazing bass players EVER

An unusual solo show with dancing, singing, & comedy

One of a series of unusual avant-garde shows
for the UCSD Pacific Rim Festival- some free like this one

Another Pacific Rim Festival Show

Considering the cheap cost ($4.00)
how could I not go to another Pacific Rim Festival Show

Another Pacific Rim Festival Show

The last of the Pacific Rimm Festival Shows

What a trippy show this was- with two of the largest disco balls moving in unison to the ambient -dreamy music
creating an other-wordly effect. Great LA venue too!

Epic show- amazing double bill

Free symphony show- but I'm not sure why they were thanking San Diego

This was great as it was outdoors under the stars next to a lagoon

Rockin' show! Sharp-dressed man tour

I'd been a longtime fan of Chuck
and this San Diego venue was just great- bayside and intimate

Back up to LA for another awesome show- Lives in the Balance tour

These guys were the kings of new age jazz at that time- very talented
Definitely worth a trip to Long Beach for this all-star line up including show all of The Eagles except Glenn Frey, (who was sick)
plus Stevie Nicks, Neil Young, and Mick Fleetwood, & Joni Mitchell

Not into them at all, but again it was a chance
to get buzzed and see a show for free compliments of KGB-FM

Bad to the Bone Tour- very fun

Back down to Humphrey's for some classic reggae
Floaty New Age harp music from the master himself.
Awesome outdoor venue at SD State
Riding on the Metro tour at the UCSD Gym- very danceable

Again, not into this type of metal music at all, but hey it's free and there was this super hot radio station intern who wanted to go too :)

Great show in spite of the hole-in-the-wall venue
Loved Van Halen- never got to see them (not sure why),
so I settled for second best..and besides...it was free!
1987 Ticket Stubs

Another free show courtesy of KGB-FM

and another

I think I fell asleep at this super mellow show with Doug & Lauren

More floaty jazz

This was a great show (from what I recall)

I;m sure I was inebriated at this free show

These guys were incredible musicians

An "avocado production" - funny

Rock on- I loved these guys back in the day

Psyched to see this awesome rockin' show

Treked all the way up to Hollyweird so this- not worth it (I was never a big fan)

More than a Feeling for sure- great show

They call it mellow yellow for a reason...snoozer!

The height of my Suzanne Vega obsession

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