Sunday, November 30, 2008

New family Member Jayden Sy

Jayden Sy was born 11/28, one day after our 11th Thanksgiving dinner. After getting the house back in shape, I thought I haven't felt the baby all day, and I thought I was feeling some contractions. So, called the advice nurse, packed Lily and dropped her up with Robbo (T was in Tahoe), and went to the hospital, where after some exams, over few hours, they determined that I was indeed in labor, and got the OR ready. Jayden was born at 11:43 PM, 7 pounds, 19.5 inches, via c-section, since he was breech. C-section was not bad at all, other than my reaction to the drugs, which caused me to throw up for 4.5 hours straight. Also meant I couldn't nurse poor little Jayden, who was crying in Stuarts arms. Finally i got over it and around 6 AM I could nurse him and hold him. He is soooo tiny, compared to Lily


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