1980 Ticket Stubs
In the beginning...there was Rush
Although this is the first concert stub I can find,
I know my first official concert was a few years earlier
in South Florida when I saw Genesis
1981 Ticket Stubs

An AMAZING 5 hour show in Nashville when I was at Vanderbilt

One of my favorite groups in the day- and an awesome show
1982 Ticket Stubs

Well...not really a concert,
but a great playoff game that my Dad took me to

Loved Jethro Tull too- in my University of Florida at Gainesville days
1985 Ticket Stubs

When I first moved to San Diego I was very much
into Classical music from my Vandy days, and so I bought
student-priced season tickets to the symphony

I was definitely in my new age-jazz mode then
My first of many Santana shows

Very psyched to see this show

This show paled in comparison to the 1982 show
Part of it was surely the enormous venue size of the LA Coliseum

One of many shows at the great venue The Belly Up Tavern-
in Northn County San Diego: nicknamed the "But"

Spacey Jazzy electronic violinist extraordinaire

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