Welcome to our collection of ticket stubs from the hundreds of shows we have seen over the years.

We don't have many of our stubs due to several reasons:

1) Seeing many show at the Great American Music Hall, where they have the odd system of taking your stub upon entry and then forcing you to remember (ha!) on your way out to ask them for it.

2) Ushering many Warfield & Fillmore shows, where in exchange for seating people or crowd control (ha!), they let you see the show for free, albeit without a paper ticket to keep :(

3) Getting put on the guest list for shows, where of course you usually don't get any rememberance (stub), but hey, we'd rather see the show for free than get a stub anyways

4) Spacing out and losing them. This most notably happened in 1983 -84, where I seem to have lost all the stubs.

Anyway, take a look and maybe if you happened to also be at a particular show or have any other comments to add

Stay tuned too, since I'm still working on all of the Grateful Dead stubs